After working in the automotive industry all my life I had yet to find my calling, yet to find an oppurtinuty to make something of myself. So I took a leap of faith, created a facebook page and started advertising some nifty little products for the JDM scene.

This saw the beginning of my hobby business in 2017, operating from my dining room table after hours and weekends. I was a budding entreprener hunting for the next best idea, fueled by a passion for manufacturing quality goods at an affordable price point.

The thirst for growth and bigger opportunities played a huge role in getting where I am today. Three years of learning, development, risk taking and two workshop expansions, we are now a team of three shipping products to the far corners of the world each day.


Growing up I was surrounded by performance cars, so it is no surprise they are in my blood and an obsession I share with all of you. Since getting my licence, baby steps saw me progressing through a variety of JDM cars (mostly skylines) until finally, I became the proud owner of my R32 GTR in 2017.

This is the car that kick started it all. The desire to restore and modify it with quality parts opened my eyes to a new world of potential markets for products that were hard to obtain or yet to exist. This desire paired with my eye for detail and entreprenurial mindset, meant it was only a matter of time before I started my own business in the design and parts manufacturing industry.

My passion for possibilities is fueled by an ever growing demand, and support by you - my customers. I am heavily motivated to create and supply products that speak detail and perfection. 


Our recent re-brand reflects clarity in our moves forward. Our goals are to expand further on our existing product range and continue responding to the market demand for new and exciting niche products.

In 2021, we’re looking forward to taking the next big leap into building our own custom-built workshop, enabling us to streamline processes and systems to inspire further creativity and opportunity for growth in every direction!