JZA80 Spare wheel cover!

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JZA80 replacement spare wheel cover. These have been developed with our usual OEM + mantra, ensuring they look as close to original as possible when installed.

- Laser cut 5mm corflute sheet to mimic OEM
- Custom foam cubes to mimic OEM look & size
- PVC Foam strips to mimic OEM but much more durable.
- Laser cut masonite side trims to mimic OEM fit perfectly
- Replacement safety / warning sticker to perfectly match OEM
- All developed & manufactured in house.

Being 20+ years old, your original cover/trims have likely been damaged or completely missing. These replacement items are a perfect solution for those restoring the car to OEM or better condition.

The series 1 & 2 side trims options reflect the difference in the masonite piece on the left hand side of the boot. Both S1 & S2 kits will include the two small pieces that go above the wheel cover (behind the rear seat). IF you have a factory option (such as subwoofer / storage bin) in the boot, these small pieces will not be required. They are still included in the kit as standard and will just go unsed if your car doesn't require them.