JZX110 Chaser / Blit Boot Mat (Wagon)

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Very proud to introduce my new range of top quality OEM Inspired boot mats!

  • Perfect fit for your car
  • High quality automotive carpet with Rubber Nipple / Anti-Slip backing
  • Laser engraved stainless steel car specific badging
  • Made in South Australia (in house)
  • Protect & Enhance
  • Quality overlocked edging
  • 1 Year warranty

Know that feeling when you try on a suit and it's just the perfect fit? Well that's how your car will feel about this boot mat! Lets face it, your original boot mat is an oil stained / ripped / soggy piece of stinky fluff you are disgraced to look at. Stop living in shame and install a FitMint mat so you can be proud to 'pop the trunk' and show your mats that hectic boot install!

I have designed & created these with a clean / classy / vintage theme in mind, so please have a good look through the pictures and get a feel of the quality you can expect. They just look and feel like they belong!

These are made to order, and have a turn around time of 1-2 weeks. Custom badging is available, but must be discussed via PM first (And will incur additional costs & waiting time)