R32 GTR/GTST Door Card Inserts!

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R32 replacement door card inserts. These have been developed with our usual OEM + mantra, ensuring they look like an original nissan item whilst making improvments to provide a much nicer look & 'feel'. 

OEM Length = You will receive inserts of exactly the same length as OEM if you are still using the factory 4x6 speaker adaptors (See last few pics for reference)
50mm extended = For those that have removed the factory 4x6 adaptor to run larger/better speakers and are left with a large gap that is visable, the 50mm extended insert will aid in hiding this gap (see pic 1)

- Laser cut Masonite sheet to mimic OEM, but with one end elongated to better hide the ugly 'gap' the originals leave which is visable from the outside.

- Laser cut foam backing to hugely improve the look and 'feel' of these replacment items compared to the hard board originals.

- Laser cut vinyl in a lovely gentle textured black to which ties in nicely with the original door tims and looks 100% OEM when installed

- All developed & manufactured in house.

**Sedan currently unavailable until we find development car**