R32 Skyline Bonnet Liner!

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*If shipping cost does not seem right when combining items, please get in touch*

We are excited to finally bring you our new range of reproduction bonnet liners!

- Moulded to fit the contours of the bonnet
- Made from a GMT composite material that is much stiffer then OEM and doesn't sag
- Fire Retardant certification (Handles flame MUCH better than OEM - check attached video!!)
- New clips included. (We have chosen the later model R33/S15 clips which hold better and less likely to break on removal)

We also sell replacement the firewall pad, you can purchase separately or through this listing at a discounted price and combined shipping (Firewall pad suit models 5/'89 - 9/'91). Feel free to check the other listing for specifics.

*Due to the larger item size, International shipping is rather expensive. We wish this weren't the case but unfortunately no better current options. We are working on cheaper shipping or having stock available in your country (US/NZ mainly)*

*This product is also perfect to arrange a group buy in your local area, as I can fit ~5pc in the same box so shipping isn't effected. Even larger quantities can be accommodated*