R34 Skyline GTR/GTT Indoor Car Cover

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Whilst originally made for a BNR34, thanks to its very similar dimensions we are pleased to say this cover also fits the R34 GT-T Coupe very well! 

Cover will fit:
R34 GTR + standard spoiler
R34 GTR - No spoiler
R34 GTR + Highrise spoiler (likely but yet to be confirmed)
R34 GTT Coupe + standard spoiler (Pictures attached)
R34 GTT Coupe + GTR spoiler
R34 GTT Coupe - No spoiler (Pictures attached)


◦ Designed specifically to suit the BNR34 and its aggressive body lines

◦ High elasticity 230gsm breathable material with ultra soft fleece lining

◦ Elastic front & rear hemming to keep things snug

◦ No clips or straps to risk scratching

◦ UV Stable & Machine washable

◦ Dust resistant & accidental bump / scratch preventative

◦ Includes convenient storage bag (folds up to sleeping bag size)

◦ 2 year warranty