R34 Skyline Spare wheel cover!

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R34 Skyline replacement spare wheel cover. These have been developed with our usual OEM + mantra, ensuring they look as close to original as possible when installed whilst making improvements where we see fit.

- Laser cut high grade masonite sheet to mimic OEM fitment (or improved)

- New recycled foam cubes to mimic OEM + Neoprene Foam strips.

- Stands / Brackets are 3D printed in PETG to mimic the OEM shape, but using a nut & bolt fastener to secure them (+sikaflex) instead of the unreliable rivets offered on the factory covers which commonly break off.

- All developed & manufactured in house.

The R34 (sedan) variant comes with a small side panel to match the original, which the coupe models does not have/require.

Being 25+ years old, your original cover has been likely been damaged by water / coolant / oil spills in the boot or completely perished. These replacment items are a perfect solution for those restoring the car to OEM or better condition & a sheet of jigsaw cut MDF from bunnings just wont do.

The cover will arrive completely FLAT, with time / heat & weight they contour around the spare wheel and appear more 'moulded'. The original covers were flat to begin with also.